Student Credit Card Issuers

Initially, prepaid & debit cards were introduced for the users having a bad credit history. To apply for these cards, you need not to go for any credit check or any kind of verification. Only general identity check is needed.

Before using these prepaid cards, you need to deposit cash in your account and after that you can make your purchases. The main advantage of these cards is that you do not have to pay any interest fees, overdraft fees, late payment fees, and over the limit fees. You can simply spend the money that is available in your account.

Where these cards can be accepted?
These debit cards can be accepted online or over the phone. Additionally, you can also use it worldwide and can spend money on various things, like buying gas, reserving hotel accommodations, and renting a car etc.

How can you deposit money?
You can deposit money directly in your account without paying any charge. There is another option also available in which you can buy a money pack and deposit money at a number of retail locations, like gas stations, grocery stores, and money stores. Money can also be transferred from a pay pal account or bank account.

Where can you pay your bill?
To pay your bills, you can easily access an online payment center. It allows you to manage your money by paying your bills. You can set up recurring payments, one time payment, and future payments.

Fees vary with each offer. It is an incredibly important feature that should be researched for obvious reasons. You can be expected to pay about $10 a month, but you can also have an alternative of no monthly fees if you have deposited enough money in your account or made so many purchases in a month. You can find some of the debit cards, which charge up to $19.99 per month that anyone can afford!

Security and fraud protection
Prepaid & debit card can be issued as either the Visa or MasterCard. A Zero Liability Policy will cover these debit cards. It means that no one can make any payment after making a complaint of loosing your card.  No one can make unauthorized purchases from your debit card.

If you need cash, then you can withdraw it from various ATM locations available. Additionally, you may also ask for the 'cash back' offer at the grocery stores.

Prepaid & debit cards help you in saving a lot of money to check cashing fees and buying money orders. These are some of the important information regarding prepaid & debit cards. If you want to get this type of card, you can apply for one without a credit check