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Apply now for your free student credit card. Start establishing credit today by filling out a short online application. Certain cards have guaranteed approval or instant approval. Even with bad credit or no credit, you can get approved for an unsecured credit card. You can get a low interest rate student credit card or even 0 apr with a prepaid card. If you are a student with credit card debt, apply for a credit card with a low balance transfer rate and consolidate the debt you owe. Even if it's your first time applying for a credit card, you can get a good deal. Start your comparison of the best student credit card offers online.
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Best Student Credit Cards

Bank of America® Student Platinum Plus® Visa® Credit Card
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  • Receive a $25 statement credit after qualifying transactions§§
  • No cosigner required
  • No annual fee
  • Online Banking Service
  • Total Security Protection®
  • Card issued by FIA Card Services, NA.

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Start Building Your Credit Score Today With a Student Credit Card

Are you attending college to really get ahead in the world? Chances are you intend to find a well paying job when you graduate so you can start building the life you have always dreamed of. Making wise financial decisions during this phase of your life has a tremendous impact on your ability to achieve these life goals. Whether your parents are funding your education or you are making use of loans and scholarships, there are always extra expenses that are not covered. Books, computer equipment, food, entertainment, clothes, transportation, and other discretionary expenses have to be taken care of on an ongoing basis. It is all too easy to find yourself short on cash when you leave home for the first time. Instead of calling your parents for money in a pinch, you now have the opportunity to qualify for your own college student credit card.

High credit scores take years to build, so start now. Establishing credit today can make a huge difference in your ability to thrive when you finally join the workforce. A pattern of conscientious financial behavior opens doors in all areas of your life. Renting your first apartment and qualifying for a car loan requires a solid credit history; many employers also check applicant's credit backgrounds before making a job offer.

Several financial companies are currently willing to give young people a chance to demonstrate their responsible character with student credit cards. These credit issuers are counting on your ability to get a good job upon finishing your education. They are extending credit now knowing you will have the ability to pay back any principle over time. To make this work for you, look for cards with low interest introductory plans and no annual fees. This will help you make monthly payments without too much difficulty. With proper management the principle will not get out of control either. And remember, graduation is a good time to take all those congratulatory checks from your relatives and use them to help wipe out any outstanding credit card debt.

Student credit card applications are uncomplicated to fill out, just be sure to read the terms so you know what you are agreeing to. If you already have credit established, then you will have better offers and terms from which to choose. If you are just getting started, you can probably qualify for some level of credit no matter what your circumstances. Sometimes the best student credit card is one that can simply be preloaded. This helps curtail frivolous spending and provides you with an opportunity to practice good financial habits like budgeting and saving. If you are working your way through college, you can use a free direct deposit service to have your paycheck automatically loaded to the card each week. Using your preloaded credit card for purchases allows you to build a strong credit history from scratch.

Wednesday November 19th 2008
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